Thank You For Registering For The 2021-2022 Dance Season

Below you will find information to assist you in preparing for the upcoming dance season at PEDC. If you have any questions regarding the information below you may message PEDC via the Live Chat in the lower right hand corner. If a live person is not available, PEDC will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Where can I find studio information during the year?

There are several ways that PEDC distributes information. The main form of communication is via the BAND APP. You can download the app to your phone and then click the following link to join- PEDC BAND

Other ways PEDC will distribute information:

  • Email- make sure your correct email is associated with your online dance account.
  • Text Message- The main number on your dance account should be your cell number.
  • Facebook/Instagram/twitter- Click the links at the top of the page to see the latest posts.
Do you have a yearly calendar show important dates for the 2020-2021 dance year?

Yes. Please download the PEDC CALENDAR.

Are students required to wear a mask for in person classes?

Yes, students will be required to wear a mask while they are in the dance facility.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, there is a specific dress code for each style of dance. You can visit the DRESSCODE page for additional information.

When is tuition due/how to make payments?

Tuition is due the first of the month and auto draft can be set up using the card on file. You will also have the option to have the auto draft payment made on the 11th of the month. If you are purchasing dance wear at the dance center, you can use the card associated with your dance account or pay with a different card.

Are you taking precautions for in person classes due to Covid-19?

Yes. PEDC staff and students are required to wear a mask while in the Dance Facility while also following social distancing rules. Hand sanitizing is done before students enter the building. PEDC has also increased the cleaning and sanitizing of the facility.

Due to covid-19, classes are drop off only. The lobby will be closed to parents until further notice. This will allow PEDC to limit the traffic in the building. Please contact the dance center if you have any questions concerning this policy. Download PEDC in person class policies.

Does the Dance Center have air filtration?

Yes. The Dance Center is equipped with 4 bipolar air purifiers- one for each air handler.

What are the classes and class levels offered at PEDC?

PEDC offers a wide variety of classes from Ballet to Hip Hop. To view the classes offered you can download the 2021-2022 schedule, visit the class page or download the class placement guide. If you still have questions regarding classes, please contact PEDC.

What are the cost of classes?

Tuition is billed on the first of each month and paid using a credit card on file with your dance account. A typical 55 minute class is $60 per month with a typical 30 minute class is $50 per month. PEDC does offer multiple class discounts as well as family discounts. Download the schedule for the complete price list.

How many times a week does the class meet?

Classes meet once a week. If a student is enrolled in only 1 class, for example Intro Hip Hop, the class meets once a week. Students can register for multiple classes in different styles which may meet on different days during the week.

Is there a dress code for class?

Yes. You can download the dress code here- Dresscode

Is there an end of year production?

Yes. PEDC will be holding the annual recital at the R.P. Funding Center the weekend of June 4th-5th 2022.

Since PEDC has 3 shows during recital weekend, how do I know what show my child is in?

You can see what show your child is in by reviewing the class schedule. Located next to your child's class on the schedule their is either an A, B or C listed. This designates what show your child will perform in. If your child is taking multiple classes or their are siblings that are taking multiple/different classes, the schedule will tell you if all the classes are in the same show. If a student takes classes that are in different shows, then they will perform in two different shows.

Do I purchase a recital costume for my child?

Yes. Parents purchase a costume for each class their child participates in. Costume prices are outlined on the class schedule and payments are due by November 15th 2021.