2020 Showcase Livestream

Below you will find the link as well as information about the 2020 PEDC Showcase Livestream. Please note that PEDC does not have a technical team to assist you if you are unable to view the video. We have listed below some suggestions to help you if the livestream is not working on your device.

  • Make sure you are connected to a good internet connection.
  • If you are seeing a long delay, clear your web browser cache.
  • The livestream is password protected and the password will change each day. The password will be emailed out to the classes prior to their performance.
  • The livestream will go live approximately 35 to 40 minutes into the classes rehearsal/performance. It will not be live the entire hour that the class is at the studio.
  • Once logged into the livestream you will first see a black/blank screen. It will take a moment for the video to initially start.
  • If the video does not start after 30 seconds, close the web browser and try logging into the live stream again.
  • If you are receiving a password error message, this may be due to the livestream being offline.
  • Once the class is done performing the livestream will be stopped. Close your web browser and log back in at the appropriate time if there is another class that you want to view.

Showcase Packet Download