Performer's Edge Dance Policies

COVID-19 Policies

1. Due to the rise in COVID cases in our area, parents and dancers will be required to wear mask when they are in the building.

2. Dancers are required to wear a mask while dancing. Per the CDC, this includes people that are vaccinated. PEDC will continue to review this policy and will make adjustments as necessary.

3. The lobby will continue to be closed to parents. Parents will drop their child off at the front door prior to class. For students 5 and younger who may be hesitant for their first class, parents may bring the child into the dance center but must wait out side during the class.

4. Dancers should sanitize their hands when entering the dance center.

5. Parents should conduct their own health assessment of both themselves and their dancer prior to arriving at the dance center. Parents/dancers must NOT enter the building if they are exhibiting any symptoms or have been exposed to COVID.

6. Students should NOT attend class if a family member has been exposed or has COVID-19, if the student was exposed to COVID at school, until all family members have tested negative. Students can attend class online while they are quarantined.

Tuition Policies

1. All accounts require a credit card on file.

2. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month with a grace period to the 10th of the month. If tuition is not paid by the 10th of the month, the card on file will be used to make the monthly tuition payment. PEDC does not apply any late fees.

3. If tuition is delinquent for more then one month, PEDC reserves the right to suspend the dancers account and prevent the student from taking class.

4. Invoices will NOT be mailed/emailed out monthly. It is the customers responsibility to make the monthly payments in a timely manner.

5. Tuition is based on a yearly price broken into monthly payments. There are no tuition discounts for shorten months unless otherwise specified. There are no refunds if a student misses classes due to sickness, vacation or other reason.

6. Registration Fees paid at the time of registration are non refundable.

7. To withdraw a student from class, please contact the front desk.

Recital Costume Policies

1. Each year PEDC students participate in the annual recital held at the R.P. Funding Center in June. Students will purchase a costume through PEDC. The costume pricing for each class is listed on the class schedule.

2. Recital costume charges will be placed on each customers dance account when the registration is processed.

3. Costume payment are due by November 15th. Costumes will not be ordered without payment.

4. There will be no refunds for costume payments made once the costume is ordered.

5. Students will be measured during the month of November.

6. Costumes typically start to arrive in February. Students will try on their costume but will not take them home at this point. PEDC will distribute the costumes prior to picture week.